vet checking microchip tag on a dog

Why microchip your pet?

Having your pet microchipped at Milton Keynes Vets gives them a permanent form of identification and increases the chance of you being reunited with them should they get lost. Each microchip holds a unique number, recognisable by all vets, rescue shelters and local authorities, giving you complete peace of mind.

Microchipping is now a legal requirement for dogs and pets travelling abroad, and will be soon for cats too. We also recommend it for rabbits and ferrets. Rest assured, it’s a quick and simple process which involves little discomfort for your pet.

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Updating or Transferring your pet’s microchip

If you have rehomed your pet privately and the previous owner is unsure of the details, or need to update your contact details and unsure who to contact, using your search engine type in “Check a Chip” and enter the microchip number to find out which database holds the existing records – this might be Petlog, Identibase, SmartTrac or Pettrac for example.


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