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Facilities at our Walnut Tree Hospital

Opened in 2002, our Walnut Tree Hospital is the only RVCS Registered Approved Veterinary Hospital in the Milton Keynes area.

Our facilities at Walnut Tree allow us to offer a wide range of services in house, including complex surgical procedures and dentistry, as well as comprehensive laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging services.

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The hospital is also home to our Out of Hours Service, Vets Now Ltd. Available whenever we are closed, this means you and your pet will be visiting a familiar surgery, and, should they ever need to stay overnight with us, your pet will be monitored around the clock with no need to move them between sites.

Appointments are available Monday to Saturday morning with our vets and nurses at Walnut Tree, from routine consultations, advice, health checks, and repeat prescriptions, to behavioural consultations and surgical procedures.

Our computer systems are linked across all of our sites, so you can rest assured that your pet’s notes will be available should you need to visit us at the hospital rather than your local branch.

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For all non urgent queries please use PetsApp.

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