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Veterinary referral services in Milton Keynes

To help us provide the best care possible at your local practice, Milton Keynes Veterinary Group is fortunate to have a diverse mix of veterinary surgeons in the team. This, alongside our state-of-the-art equipment available at our Walnut Tree Hospital, means we can treat a wide range of complex and advanced conditions under the same roof as your routine health care needs, without the need to refer to an external referral practice.

Milton Keynes Veterinary Group welcomes referrals for physiotherapy, dermatology and surgical cases and more at our Walnut Tree Hospital.

Our referrals service is designed to meet the needs of any practice or client who has a complex case that requires this level of attention.

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Types of referrals

Vets and Veterinary Practices

Our team are available for first-opinion vets who may require advice on complex cases related to:

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs

Pet Owners

Our vets are also available for self-referrals should you wish to seek a second opinion on your pet’s health issues. We will need to see your pet’s medical history which can be requested from and supplied by your primary vet.


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