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Cardiology referrals at Milton Keynes Vets

Milton Keynes Veterinary Group offers a comprehensive cardiology service. Our veterinary surgeons Lawrence Smith and Rachel Church offer investigations and treatment protocols to assess heart murmurs, arrhythmias (irregular heart beats), episodes of weakness, collapse or exercise intolerance as well as pericardial and pleural effusions (fluid around the heart or lungs)

We often receive cardiology referrals from vets in the Milton Keynes area. When it comes to conditions affecting the heart, it is vital that we are able to view the patient’s clinical history as it helps us assess the severity of the animal’s disorder and how best to further investigate and treat their condition.

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Not all cardiology disorders will cause clinical signs, and animals can go some time without showing any symptoms. Medical investigations may include x-rays, electrocardiogram (ECG), or an ultrasound of the heart. We have a modem ECG machine on site that is capable of detecting abnormal electrical rhythms from the heart, as well as state-of-the-art x-ray and ultrasound facilities to give your pet the best care possible.


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