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Vet consultations at Milton Keynes Vets

When you book a consultation with Milton Keynes Vets, you can expect a warm, friendly welcome and the best possible care and treatment from our experienced team.

Our standard consultations are 15 minutes, during which time we will listen to your concerns, thoroughly examine your pet and discuss any treatments required. We will also discuss the possible costs of further treatment.

Although we have several veterinary surgeons working for the group, we aim to keep your pet with the same vet where possible, particularly in complex or on-going cases. We also encourage owners to try to see the same veterinary surgeon so that a professional relationship can form and to help to maintain continuity in the care of your pet.

All of our vets spend time each week at our Walnut Tree Hospital and at our branch surgeries, enabling them to treat your pet every step of the way.

You are welcome to specify which veterinary surgeon you would like to see when you make the appointment with our receptionists.

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Types of consultation

We provide different types of consultation based on the needs of your pet. These include:

  • Vet consultations – for new or ongoing health issues
  • Second opinion vet consultation – for pets who have previously seen a vet (we’ll need their medical record)
  • Nurse consultation – for preventative and post-op care
  • Referral vet consultation – requires a referral letter and medical record for your pet

Preparing for your consultation

There is some key information you can prepare before your consultation to help us get a detailed view of your pet’s health:

  • A summary of their symptoms and how long they have been experiencing them
  • Any current or recent medication they may be taking (please bring it along if possible)
  • A breakdown of the pet food you feed them as well as any supplements or snacks
  • A description of the other animals they have been in recent contact with
  • Information on your pet’s toilet habits and any recent changes
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