vet laboratory room

On-site laboratory at our Walnut Tree Hospital

Walnut Tree Hospital is equipped with a comprehensive on-site laboratory, allowing us to process certain samples in-house and keep a close eye on your pet’s progress while monitoring their condition easily and effectively.

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Specialist equipment

Our laboratory houses a Catalyst One machine for assessing biochemistry and endocrine function, and a Procyte machine for haematology sampling, as well as microscopes to analyse blood, skin and tissue samples if necessary. In 2024 we added a SediVue urine analyser for comprehensive and advanced screening of your pets samples.

We also have access to an on-site analyser to assess blood clotting disorders within minutes.

Some samples will require processing by our external laboratories, and your vet will advise you if this is the case.

A fast and dedicated service

When external testing is required, all our surgeries subscribe to a courier service, and samples are collected directly from each site by a dedicated service. Results are sent to us electronically and are typically available within 24-48 hours, giving quick diagnosis and enabling us to start any treatment as quickly as possible.


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