veterinary operating room

Fully-equipped operating theatres

We know that allowing your pet to undergo surgery can be worrying, even when you know it’s essential for their critical health and wellbeing. At our Walnut Tree Hospital they are treated with the best of care in state-of-the-art facilities including our two fully-equipped operating theatres.

Our theatres have been fitted with filtered, positive pressure air conditioning. This means that, when the theatre doors are opened, air is forced out of the theatre preventing contaminants from entering the room and reducing the risk of surgical infections.

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Pre-op care

We have a dedicated space used for the preparation of inpatients, where your pet will receive their anaesthetic and be prepared for surgery. This area also houses our ultrasound and scoping facilities, as well as a separate dental suite. Once your pet is prepared for their operation, they will be moved to one of our operating theatres.

All staff are required to wear theatre scrubs, hats, and clogs, with the addition of a face mask, surgical gown, and sterile gloves for operating veterinary surgeons. Theatres are cleaned thoroughly daily and between patients.

Post-op care

Following surgery, your pet will be moved to one of our comfortable patient wards where they will be closely monitored by our team. Here they can rest and recover, eat and drink, and then dogs will be taken outside to stretch and go to the toilet.

We will keep you informed of how the operation went, how your pet is feeling and when you can take them home. They may also need post-op care at home, and we will give you detailed instructions on what is required.

Insuring your pet

Making sure that your pet is fully insured can provide you with peace of mind around costs should they require life-saving surgical treatment. Pet insurance can remove worry associated with getting your pet companion the care they need.


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