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What to do in a pet emergency

In an emergency call: 01908 397777

Out of hours call: 01908 509500

Together, Milton Keynes Veterinary Group and Vets Now Ltd provide a fully staffed, 24-hour emergency veterinary service right here at our Walnut Tree Hospital.

We have teamed up with Vets Now to ensure you have access to the best possible care whatever the time of day or night, from the same familiar surgery.

Available whenever we are closed, Vets Now have full access to all of our facilities and should your pet ever need to stay overnight with us, they will be monitored by a fully qualified and dedicated team around the clock.

Who are Vets Now?

Vets Now is an independent company that specialises in providing veterinary surgeons and nurses trained to deal with critical care cases and emergencies, who are responsible for the out of hours care for our patients.

Vets now are a large, independent company, who work with veterinary practices to ensure that 24 hours a day your pet has access to a vet when they need it. They employ veterinary surgeons, nurses and receptionists to ensure the practice remains fully staffed around the clock, all year round. The advantage to clients is that there are always staff on site ready to treat emergencies and care for hospitalised patients. The veterinary surgeons are specifically trained to deal with critically ill patients and continue the high level of care that you expect at all times.

Vets Now branches are located all across the United Kingdom, and your local Vets Now Clinic is based at Milton Keynes Veterinary Group’s own Hospital at Walnut Tree. This means your pet has access to the same treatments and facilities available to Milton Keynes Veterinary Group’s own staff, and that, should your pet need hospitalisation, there is no need to move them once they have settled.

Paying for Out of Hours treatment

As a separate company, Vets Now have their own computer system and pricing schedule, which reflects the fully staffed out of hours service, operating throughout the night and weekend. You will be asked to pay them directly at the time of treatment and staff will always fully explain fees to you. For more information about Vets Now, please visit their website www.vets-now.com, or contact the clinic directly on 01908 509500.

Whatever the time of day or night you need an emergency vet in Milton Keynes, you can count there being someone to help you and your pet at our Walnut Tree Hospital.


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