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Surgical referrals at Milton Keynes vets

At Milton Keynes Vets, we take referrals for surgical cases that cannot be managed in your practice. Our Walnut Tree Hospital is well equipped for complex procedures as well as post-surgery in-patient care, provided by our experienced nursing team.

Our surgery referral cases include orthopaedics, soft tissue, TPLO and thyroidectomy surgery and offer a local and affordable alternative to specialist centres.

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Surgery with Rory Burke (BVetMed CertSAS MCRVS)

Rory Burke has a wide depth of knowledge of varied orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical procedures and has dedicated a large proportion of his career to these specialist areas.

Rory works closely with our other surgical team members Joanna Davies, Marina Crockford and Carl Jarrett.

Below are the referral procedures that can be performed at Milton Keynes Veterinary Group:

  • Fracture Repairs
  • Cruciate Surgery
  • Luxating Patella Surgery
  • Thyroidectomy Surgery
  • Subtotal Colectomy (Treatment for Mega Colon)

Learn about Brachycephalic Surgery at Milton Keynes Vets here.


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